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A comic about why witches are stereotyped as riding broom: 

Apparently once upon a time there was an ointment one could rub on a broom - that was most popular amongst herbalists (such as many witches) - that was a hallucinogenic. One would ride the broom for masturbating purposes and the ointment would be absorbed through the mucus membrane of the vagina and give the rider a sensation of flying.

Now you will never look at Quidditch the same way again. 

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Burnout Syndrome
Burned matches, canvas / 190 x 126 cm / 2012

Over 9000 matches stuck on a canvas to write the word „work“ over and over again. While the first matches are still completly intact the last ones are gradually more and more burned down leaving traces of smoke. The piece can be read as a commentary on the habit to overwork and this resulting in depression or physical problems.

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